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There are many other gods whose names may betray origins as topographical spirits.

Vosegus presided over the mountains of the Vosges, Luxovius over the spa-settlement of Luxeuil and Vasio over the town of Vaison in the Lower Rhône Valley.

Not infrequently, their names are coupled with native Celtic theonyms and epithets, such as Mercury Visucius, Lenus Mars, Jupiter Poeninus, or Sulis Minerva.

Unsyncretised theonyms are also widespread, particularly among goddesses such as Sulevia, Sirona, Rosmerta, and Epona.

In characteristic Roman fashion, Caesar does not refer to these figures by their native names but by the names of the Roman gods with which he equated them, a procedure that greatly complicates the task of identifying his Gaulish deities with their counterparts in the insular literatures.

He also presents a neat schematic equation of god and function that is quite foreign to the vernacular literary testimony.

Certain local or regional deities might have greater popularity within their spheres than supra-regional deities.

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The majority occur only once, which has led some scholars to conclude that the Celtic gods and their cults were local and tribal rather than national.It is sometimes possible to identify regional, tribal, or sub-tribal divinities.